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Our flexible, easy-to-deploy temporary acoustic barrier solutions are well suited to any worksite. That's why we're the trust provider for many companies in numerous industries. No matter what industry you're in, if you have noise issues, contact us!

Our acoustic barriers will reduce noise complaints, improve worker safety, and let you keep work sites open longer, increasing efficiency and reducing costs.

Echo Barrier products minimize the effects of noise and dust on local communities, businesses, and passersby. It's why we're the first choice for numerous highway contractors.

Our quick-to-deploy noise barriers give maintenance contractors more hours in the day to work with, helping them complete rail improvement projects faster.

Demolition projects can be a noise nightmare for workers and local communities, especially in noise-reflective zones. But our temporary sound control solutions cut down on noise and protect workers and local communities.

Noise pollution from roadwork can be a thing of the past; our specially designed acoustic barriers help utility companies and contractors cut noise pollution by up to 99%.

Both indoor and outdoor events can create major crowd noise problems for local communities. Our noise management systems help organizers keep their responsibilities to the community.

Excessive noise can pose a threat to the health and happiness of workers and local communities alike. Our temporary noise control solutions help gas and oil companies protect work crews and local neighborhoods.

Mines require easy-to-deploy, durable noise control solutions. Our acoustic barriers are highly portable and last up to five times longer than our competitors.

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Sonic doom: how noise pollution triples your health risk

Recent research has found that living near a busy road or an airport triples your risk of a heart attack or stroke because the noise triggers a harmful response in the body. Here we explain what these latest findings mean.

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Sonic doom: how noise pollution triples your health risk

Was that a question we heard?

Only a few years ago if you needed the answer to something you’d probably grab the yellow pages and call an expert. These days, everyone goes straight to google if they need a quick answer. That’s why, at Echo Barrier, we need to make sure that our website has all of the answers. Here, we look at the most frequently asked questions about noise.

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