Partnerships globally for localized solutions everywhere

Our mission is simple—to offer the world’s best acoustic barrier control technology to anyone who needs it, regardless of industry or location. To make this happen we’ve partnered with resellers, distributors, and lessors across the nation and worldwide. No matter what industry you work in we have the experts in-house and partnerships in place to help you. Get in touch today to discuss your project and noise control requirements.

Construction projects take place in commercially or residentially sensitive areas. We provide acoustic barriers to extend working hours—helping get the job done on time and budget, with less complaints. Learn more about our construction barriers.

We control noise during highway construction. With innovative sound barrier fence solutions that protect local residents, passers by, communities and businesses from noise, dust and debris.

As the trains always need to keep running, rail projects are renowned for time sensitivity. Our sound curtains are quick to assemble and take down, keeping community disruption to a minimum.

The demolition industry faces many technical challenges and we’re available throughout projects to advise, providing acoustic noise barriers to protect both operatives and public from excessive dust and noise.

Whether maintaining or constructing a distribution network, we’ve the products available to get the job done promptly while reducing noise by up to 97%.

By reducing nuisance noise we help live events organizers keep within regulations, and keep the community onside.

Whether working upstream or downstream, our sound barriers protect crew and community from excessive noise from drilling and other oil and gas operations.

With wide geographies affected, the mining industry needs solutions that are flexible as well as effective. Echo Barrier have proven experience in these complex geological projects.

We know that every project is unique and each customer is different

Echo Barrier are pioneers in temporary noise reduction, with unrivaled knowledge of the noise control industry. We use this knowledge and experience to define an innovative and scientific approach to both product design and technical support. We take our responsibilities seriously and have embedded sustainability into our supply chain and manufacturing process. Our customers value our consultative approach to each project, with skilled advisors on hand to give industry specific advice. Talk to us today about our noise control solutions.

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