Market-leading noise control

Echo Barrier H-Series

The Echo-Barrier H-Series™ offers unmatched noise reduction. Developed by our team of leading acoustic experts, the H-Series reduces sound by up to 99%.
H-Series acoustic barriers are lightweight and portable. They are also certified fire-resistant to ASTM E84 standards/BS7837:1996.
H-Series acoustic panels are designed for easy transportation, quick installation, and speedy disassembly. Because they can fit easily onto existing or portable infrastructure, they can be used to cut noise pollution in almost any work environment.
Echo Barrier's acoustic experts are here to help you choose the best H-Series products for your needs. Call us on + 1 (800) 728 9098.

  • Market-leading performance
  • Quick to install
  • Easy to move
  • Durable
  • 100% weatherproof to IPX6/9 BS EN 60529:1992
  • Fire resistant to BS7837:1996

Used for road, rail, construction, demolition, oil & gas, utilities and events

Used for road, rail, construction, demolition, oil & gas, utilities and events

Eco-optimised (biodegradable infill), with added fire resistance for industrial applications

Used for road, rail, construction (especially scaffolding), demolition, oil & gas, utilities and events

Used for construction, road, rail, oil and gas, utilities and events.

Construction, road, rail and events

Specialized applications

Our specialized acoustic barrier products give you the same ease of installation and durability as our Echo Barrier H-Series. But they’re designed to achieve noise control in more unusual, and often more difficult, situations.
Our range includes extra fire-resistant barriers that perform in extreme temperatures; highly absorbent barriers and cross dampers for areas with troublesome sound reflections; and products designed specifically to work with pedestrian barriers.
Which noise barrier is right for you? Our acoustic experts are here to help you decide. Call us on +44 (0) 845 561 3246.

  • Sound control tailored to your needs
  • Effective solutions for demanding locations
  • Maximum performance in the toughest conditions

Used for indoor noise sources/highly reflective environments

Used for road, rail, construction, demolition, oil & gas, utilities and events

Used with 1-meter high Street Works pedestrian barriers for road, construction, demolition and utilities


Echo Barrier enclosures provide temporary noise control for a wide range of generators, compressors and workstations.
Echo barrier enclosures are lightweight, waterproof, easily assembled in a few minutes and portable enough to move with the job.
They provide temporary noise control in sensitive sites, screening generators, compressors or HVAC equipment. As a workstation they provide a safe working environment to allow the siting of cutting stations or other noise sources close to work areas.

  • Lightweight
  • Quick and easy to install or move
  • Up to 40dB noise reduction
  • Fire-resistant to BS7837:1996

construction, events,

Used for construction, demolition, events, road and utility repair

Used for construction, utilities, demolition

used by construction, rail and road

Used with 1-meter high Safegate Street Works safety barriers for utilities and road

Used for construction, utilities, rail, road and events


We supply everything you need to install and secure your Echo Barrier acoustic fencing—that’s the hooks, ties, anti-theft cable and reinforced gloves. We’ve designed our accessories to make it quick and easy for you to put up and take down your barriers.


Fitting Kit

Vertical Fitting Kit

Elastic Ties

Anti-theft Cable

Double Palm Safety Glove