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Highway contractors reduce noise our way

The excessive noise caused by highway construction causes massive disruption for residents and business, and can affect the contractor’s workforce too. Echo Barrier reduce noise, increasing productivity and minimizing complaints. For market-leading noise control it is our way on the highway.

Consultancy & advice

Whether you are constructing a new highway, or maintaining existing infrastructure, we’ve more than 30 years experience. We work hand in glove with highway contractors to really bring excessive, nuisance noise right down. Our solutions help diminish dust emissions too.

We work with highway contractors from the outset to help them meet and maintain state regulatory requirements, and cause minimum disruption to local communities. We can visit operations to give bespoke guidance based on your highway project’s exact requirements.

Whether you are working on interstate, state, national, or county highway projects our deep expertise and commitment to quality remain. We’ll advise on the most effective deployment of our products, which are so quick to transport and assemble. As our noise barriers are 100% weatherproof to IPX6 and IPX9 BS EN 60529:1992 and ruggedized they will withstand even the harshest conditions. We are your noise control partners for the long haul.

— Case study —
Electric cable laying, Solihull, England

Local businesses commented on how quiet the work was.
I would absolutely use these barriers again.

Pat Birran, Site Manager, Morrison Utility Services

When Morrison Utility Services needed to lay distribution cabling they made a call to Echo Barrier for acoustic noise control solutions.

As a consequence a project that had faced local opposition during planning received zero complaints. Read more

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