Market-leading noise control for your industry

Echo Barrier temporary noise control solutions lead the way, reducing noise in the industrial, construction and entertainment sectors. Our scientific approach is led by acoustic engineers who have created award-winning market-leading solutions. Our sustainable products are second to none—offering continued performance, ease of use and durability that exceed expectations.


Our story

Echo Barrier was founded by Peter Wilson, an acoustics expert with over 30 years direct experience in acoustic engineering. Peter had seen first hand the problems caused by noise pollution, and understood that fresh solutions were needed to improve conditions at both worksites and live events.
With a pioneering approach and deep commitment to innovation and R&D he launched his temporary acoustic barriers in 2010, and the subsequent pick-up from the market has proved remarkable. Echo Barrier have been improving conditions for manpower and communities ever since.

In a short period Echo Barrier have seen exponential success, securing big ticket contracts internationally, with leading contractors in highways, rail, construction and live entertainment.
Echo Barrier are proud to have supplied projects the world over, including the World Trade Center, London 2012 Olympics, and Sydney Light Railway.
Peter and the team continue to innovate, with R&D at the heart of continuous improvement as they expand their range of market leading solutions.


  • 2010   Echo Barrier is born and the world’s market leading noise control solution is launched

    Acoustics expert Peter Wilson introduces his new acoustic barriers to the market.
    They’ve been helping construction, rail and live events companies, and local authorities cut noise pollution all around the world ever since.

  • 2011   Success in the 'Noise Oscars'

    Echo Barrier win great acclaim from the Noise Abatement Society with a John Connell award commendation.
    The company moves into its HQ in Sudbury, Suffolk, UK.

  • 2012   A gold medal performance

    Echo Barrier sound control solutions selected by contractors building projects for the London 2012 Olympics.

  • 2013   Growth continues

    Echo Barrier secure major contracts with Balfour Beatty and London Underground.

  • 2014   Further innovation

    The new Echo H3 barriers and H20 acoustic enclosures are launched.
    Unprecedented demand sees the company opening new offices.
    Official classification of our products as waterproof, cold-resistant and fire-resistant, after passing tough standards.
    The company receives a 5-star rating from the Carbon Trust.

  • 2015   ‘Supplier of the Year!’

    Echo Barrier wins the acclaimed Supplier of the Year award at the Builder and Engineer awards, and international expansion continues with offices opened in USA, Abu Dhabi and across Europe.
    Innovating once more, the world’s first transparent sound barrier is launched—Echo ST.

  • 2016   Echo Barrier wins landmark deal with US giant United Rentals

    Performance and innovation march hand in hand.
    The Echo H3 barrier gets a new sound-damping core, and now reduces noise by up to 30db.
    The company introduces the new and improved H20 acoustic enclosure.
    The H2, PB3, SG3 and H3 barriers pass stringent MIRA wind tests.
    Echo Barrier signs a landmark deal with United Rentals.
    With success increasing fast Echo Barrier move to new larger premises in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK.

The team puts innovation and on-site performance at the heart of everything we do. We’re constantly developing new ways to improve noise control so that our customers can be confident our products really work.

Peter Wilson, Technical Director, Echo Barrier

We’ve needed a meticulous approach, rigorous testing, and an overall commitment to quality design to establish the world’s best temporary noise control solutions. That is how our team innovate continually, creating best-in-class products that keep pushing the envelope further—we’ve moved transmission loss and acoustic absorption forward.
We believe in excellence in the lab and in the field, creating products that endure and perform in the toughest conditions. Hand-finished, high-spec, weather and waterproof. Excellence is our watchword. Read more

Service & technical support

Echo Barrier’s expert team are always on hand, with industry specific experience and total product know-how. Available 24-7 on the phone, our team will be glad to arrange a site visit to better understand your project. We’ll guide you through it all, from positioning, install and get-out, to ensure unrivaled noise control whatever your industry.

We are committed to protecting the environment

We care. Our products are designed with one purpose—to reduce noise pollution and improve health and the environment through noise control. The facts are clear—stress caused by excess noise is damaging for communities and the workforce, with long term hearing loss and impairment a real threat after prolonged exposure. This also leads to high blood pressure and even coronary problems like heart disease. Reducing noise pollution by up to 97% improves community relations, and workforce productivity and health.

We embed sustainability into our operations, ensuring no harmful substances find their way into our products, which are 70% recyclable. We also run a buy-back scheme, reducing costs for our clients and improving the environment at the same time—recycling and disposing with the oversight of the Carbon Trust. This is how we’ve attained a Five Star rating for our carbon footprint, with the ISO 14001 Environmental Standard not far away.